How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Can Fix Your Poor Posture

Every year, around 65 million Americans report some form of lower back pain, with common causes including obesity, arthritis, and poor posture. Typically associated with slouching, unnatural neck curvature, and hunched shoulders, poor posture can be caused by a range of different biomechanical defects and spinal issues. 

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Posture

Poor posture is now understood to be a major driver for lower back pain and many other chronic conditions. Luckily, poor posture has many recognizable symptoms, including bent knees, rounded shoulders, anterior pelvic tilt, and a forward-facing head carriage. Less obvious indicators of poor posture include persistent neck and back pain, recurring headaches, muscle fatigue, and flat feet.  

How the Upper Cervical Spine Affects Poor Posture

The body’s resting posture is regulated by a complex array of factors, including spinal alignment, postural muscle tone, and tension along the spinal cord. When vertebra in the upper cervical spine become misaligned, the ensuing stress placed upon the spinal cord can produce inflammation around the central nervous system (CNS). Left untreated, CNS inflammation can lead to biomechanical asymmetries in postural muscle tone and joint positioning. 

How Our Posture Treatment Works

Our chiropractic treatment regime is designed to identify and correct abnormalities and misalignments in the upper cervical spine. If you’re suffering from persistent posture issues, get in touch today and we’ll schedule a free introductory exam and consultation. 

After your consultation, you’ll be put under the capable hands of our doctor, an experienced chiropractor and internationally regarded practitioner of the Blair Upper Cervical Technique. With the help of digital X-ray scans and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), we will examine your spine for upper cervical vertebral misalignments. 

If a misalignment is detected, we will employ a series of gentle, painless, and very precise chiropractic adjustments to correct any vertebral abnormalities in the upper cervical spine. By restoring natural alignment along the upper cervical spine, we hope to heal latent injuries in the c-spine and reduce tensile stress along the spinal cord. With these impediments to neurological function and neck health removed, the body’s natural healing mechanisms will be free to restore healthy joint positioning and stable postural muscle tone.       

If you suffer from poor posture or chronic spinal pain, we can help. We offer a range of treatment plans in Las Vegas, Clark County, and several neighboring states, including Arizona, Utah, and California.

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