Natural Meniere’s Disease Treatment Method

meniere disease natural treatment

What is Meniere’s Disease?

A disorder of the inner ear, Meniere’s disease can cause intense bouts of vertigo and dizziness, high-pitched ringing within the ear (tinnitus), aural fullness, and generalized loss of hearing. Other less common symptoms of Meniere’s disease include headaches, vomiting, nausea, and sweating from extreme vertigo. Although it can occur at almost any age, Meniere’s disease is particularly common amongst young and middle-aged adults.

Meniere’s Disease Diagnosis

A diagnosis of Meniere’s disease is typically derived from a mixture of balance and audiometry tests. The balance test will be used to detect involuntary eye movements in response to squirting hot and cold water into the ear. Involuntary eye movement is a common way to test a person’s balance response because the inner ear is reflexively connected to eye movement.

There isn’t a single specific trigger for the onset of Meniere’s disease. While a build-up of endolymph fluid in the inner ear can cause symptoms of Meniere’s disease, the source of this build-up can range from swelling related trauma to misalignment in the upper cervical spinal region.

How the Upper Cervical Spine is Related to Meniere’s Disease

Injury to the neck or upper cervical spine has been linked to a build-up of stress on the atlas vertebra, a vital cervical vertebra located at the top of the spine. Over time, the build-up of stress in this region can begin to impede movement between the cervical spine and the neck, ear, and suboccipital muscles. Left untreated, this impedance will block drainage in the inner ear, backing up fluid and potentially causing the onset of Meniere’s disease symptoms.

How Our Meniere’s Disease Natural Treatment Works

Rather than treating the signs and symptoms of Meniere’s disease, we addresses the underlying cause — namely, excess fluid retention in the inner ear. Broadly speaking, upper cervical chiropractic care works by correcting misalignments in the upper neck and cervical spine. When it comes to individuals with Meniere’s Disease, realigning the joints in their upper cervical spine will relax the craniofacial region and improve fluid drainage from the inner ear.

In order to treat Meniere’s Disease, we must first identify whether there is a misalignment in the upper cervical spine. To locate a misalignment, we will perform a range of objective chiropractic tests. If a misalignment is detected, we take a Cone Beam Cat Scan (CBCT), which is less invasive than a X-Ray, to determine the precise angle and direction of the misaligned vertebra.

Thankfully, we will never crack, pop, or twist your neck or back. You’ll undergo a series of gentle realignments to bring your upper cervical spine back into its natural position. This will fully relax and realign the upper cervical spine so that any interference can be removed and recovery from Meniere’s Disease can begin.

We provide Meniere’s Disease treatment for patients in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas. This includes all of Clark County and neighboring states such as Utah, Arizona and California.

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